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Jen Hatmaker

For the Love

For the Love will have you laughing out loud with it's raw honesty, exhaling with relief that someone just gets it; that desire to live freely and boldly as women, wives, friends, mothers, and daughters. She encourages seeking authentic faith though big love, and speaks in a way that women in all stages of life can relate and gain wisdom. Written in essay chapters, it read like a conversation between friends. I felt more like I was having coffee with my closest confidante than reading a book, and immediately flipped back to my favorite chapters once the book was done!
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Levi Lusko

Through the Eyes of ...

Part memoir but also instructive and inspirational, this book gives readers the tools they need to face their fears.

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Christianity in America

Thomas S. Kidd

Baptists in America

Religion and politics have been intertwined throughout American history, and the Baptist denominations have played a pivotal role in shaping that relationship. Kidd and Hankins offer a provocative, eye-opening look at Baptist history that offers new insight into the American story and the evangelical strain in politics today.

Matthew Gurlitz
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Gary Scott Smith

Religion in the Oval...

How faith has influenced 11 presidents, from personal beliefs to politics to relationships with religious leaders.

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Family Bonds

Chris Fabry

War Room

I pray that I can be blessed enough to meet someone as wise and kind as this novel’s Miss Clara. She is a constant reminder that racing through the days and neglecting the people and responsibilities that really matter, creates a world of both inner and outer chaos. If we could all spend timepeacefully in a space like Miss Clara’s ‘war room', a sanctuary wholly devoted to the goodness of Christ, how different this world would be!

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Adina Senft

Herb Of Grace

Amish widow Sarah Yoder struggles to raise her sons and develop her gift as an herbal healer-but will God heal her, too?

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Rachel Anne Ridge
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Michaela MacColl
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Marta Perry
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Amy Julia Becker
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Telling Stories

Erika Swyler
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Kate Forsyth
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Lisa Wingate
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Mike Cosper
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Second Chances

Dorothy Garlock
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Shelley Shepard Gray
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Al & Lisa Robertson
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Debbie Macomber
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Taming Emotions

Amy Simpson
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Gary Chapman
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Charles F. Stanley
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Donald Miller
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